10+1 Signs that tells it’s time for website facelift

When was the last time that you had a close look at your website? It is said that diamond shines forever but the same cannot be said for the website. Website should grow along with your business and if you take a look on your website for a long time, I am sure you’ll get to know what’s wrong with it and which entity you need to add in it. There should be something very eye catchy and fresh in your website to help your customers stay engaged and focused.

In today’s time company not only need just a website but a beautiful design, easy navigation website that meets your customer’s needs and your business alike. If you’re still confused in how to keep an eye on your site then have a look to 10+1 signs that shows when your website need to have facelift.

You don’t have a mobile-friendly website

If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then your users won’t keep using our site for a long time. The search engine would stop giving you visibility which would lower down your site traffic. It’s up to you to give a brand presence on your website and make it look more user-friendly to grow your business worldwide.

Google Analytics shows bounce rates across your websites

Do you have higher the bounce rate on the homepage? This shows your users are not finding what they are looking for on your website. If the users are not converting then perhaps your page content and other navigation will literally confused you. So, one need to look at the metrics and check the bounce rate time to time and redesign website when necessary.

Communication/Conversion is very low on your site

There are several aspects that shows low conversion rate and makes hard for the users to stick to your site. You’ll find less number of lead generated and visitor may get distracted and checkout from your site. If you think this is the same situation with you then your site is all set to redesign and want to have a new look and feel to it.

Does your website still have flash system?

As we know that flash is almost an outdated technology and most of browsers are not supporting it. Your site need to load the page within 2 second else say good bye to the 50% of the visitors. If you’re experiencing the same and using Flash then it’s time to design again.

Your website and business goals don’t mesh

We all know that we create website to be the part of our business and what if your site do not match with your brand and support the business goals that your business is offering. Simply take a few minutes to review the site and compare with your business. This will let you know that weather your site should have rework across all channels.

Is your site slow to load the website data?

Are users expecting your site to load fast as they are facing difficulty to use it? This could be checked by using the Google page speed insights which help in delivering the recommendation on how to improve the site. Also, the hosting provider would help in delivering the speed requires for your site.

Does your website’s content is out-dated?

We all know that the website content is one of the most important parts of your site that brings traffic and your web pages get listed on the search engines. If this is outdated then all incorrect data will be delivered to the users. So this is the time you need to update your website design and create a new one.

The look and feel of the website is inconsistent

User should experience a consistency in the design and other browsing requirements. They shouldn’t be distracted seeing your inconsistent design. If user gets frustrated by your design and navigates to other site then you site needs to rebuilt and make a new look and feel across all pages.

It becomes difficult to update and change the website content

Before contacting anyone for redesigning the site, one should ask their users that what they do not like in the website it’s content, design, navigation or accuracy. If you’re site make you difficult to update then providing the relevant, accurate and updated information might make your customer happy.

Your website does not have visibility in search engines

Your website won’t have mobile-friendliness if your site is facing lots of negative reviews and do not engage more customers. Your site might not be having a quality content to index in the first place. So this is the right time that your site should be redesign and make appropriate changes to it.

Your Website pages are narrow and focus on one specific keyword only

People make only focus on one main keyword while creating web content thinking this would generate leads. But this won’t work with search engines, as they bring visibility for varieties of users and give the new phase with using multiple keywords in their website.

As technology increases your website need to have facelift to make it look more beautiful and help new visitors to spend some quality of time on you redesigned website.