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Goals and Missions

Our Goal

Our goals are strategically aligned to deliver exceptional impacts and achieve high visibility in search engines. We are dedicated to designing and developing compelling, user-centric websites and applications that cater to the unique requirements of our clients, helping them enhance user experiences, drive substantial engagement, and boost conversions.

We prioritize efficient navigation, fast loading speeds, and intuitive interfaces by incorporating responsive design implementation, optimized coding, the latest SEO practices, user-centric design principles, and cutting-edge technologies. Eminent Coders aims to lead as an industry leader, recognized for our exceptional creativity and technical excellence.

Our Mission

Eminent Coders are committed to staying abreast of the latest business strategies and emerging trends to provide specialized web-based solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

Our mission is to foster and cultivate long-term relationships by providing outstanding services. We commit ourselves to:

  • Deliver customized website and mobile application development solutions to our clients, aligned with their unique needs.
  • Develop adaptable and industry-specific proposals tailored to each client.
  • Foster a commitment to being well-versed in the latest features and designs, constantly acquiring new skills to deliver compelling web design and app development that effectively meets market demands.
  • Create a collaborative environment that supports innovation, paving the way for creative and cutting-edge concepts for our client’s projects.
  • Prioritize transparent and effective communication throughout every project phase to ensure clients are informed and involved.

By clinging to these parameters, Eminent Coders position as a leading web design and app development company committed to delivering excellent solutions and forging long-lasting client relationships.

goals and missions eminent coders

Our Comprehensive Web Design and Development Solution

Our dedicated team is renowned for transforming your ideas into captivating online experiences. Our highly experienced designers and developers cover every phase from conceptualization to deployment to create visually stunning websites and applications to deliver seamless user experiences. Our experts are well-versed in providing elegant and responsive design integrated with interactive features and functionalities that align with your unique project requirements. Boost your online presence with our extensive web design and development services incorporating the latest trends, advanced technologies, and a user-centered approach under one roof.

Our Comprehensive Web Design and Development Solution

Meet The Team

When we embarked on the journey of Eminent Coders, we were fortunate to be accompanied by confident and reliable individuals who supported, and contributed to our evolution from aspiring entrepreneurs. We possess a profound understanding of the challenges associated with commencing a new venture, having witnessed the excitement of gradually skyrocketing in the direction of boundless horizons. This expedition has forged us into an impeccable team for addressing and overcoming the potential uncertainties and inquiries we might come across.

background-shape Hardik Jethva

Hardik Jethva

Founder & CEO

background-shape Kaushik Jethva

Kaushik Jethva


background-shape Lomesh Pansuriya

Lomesh Pansuriya

iOS Developer

background-shape Nikhil Sadhariya

Nikhil Sadhariya

Sr. Developer

background-shape Shreya Dhruv

Shreya Dhruv

Human Resources Manager

background-shape Jil Ranipa

Jil Ranipa

Laravel Developer

background-shape Dipak Sakariya

Dipak Sakariya

Sr. Web Designer

background-shape Ajay Hadiyel

Ajay Hadiyel

Jr. Developer

background-shape Jatan Vaghela

Jatan Vaghela

Jr. WordPress Developer

Process We Follow

Eminent Coders Team Follows 8 Simple Steps Process for Designing and Developing a Website and Mobile Application.

  1. Research and Understanding: Our team ensures collaboration with the clients and understands every single requirement of their project, including the scope, target audience, features, functionalities, and timeline.
  2. Define Structure: In this phase, a specialized team constructs a wireframe and prototypes for the website or app project, considering the client’s essential requirements. It entails working on user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, providing an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly layout that reflects the client’s brand and the expectations of users.
  3. Agile Planning: Our team follows agile methodologies for developing websites and applications, emphasizing a more collaborative and responsive approach. They ensure that development efforts remain consistent with the client’s and users’ evolving needs, with continuous enhancements based on feedback and shifting priorities.
  4. Group Discussion: We often conduct a meeting gathering the developers, designers, project manager, and clients to discuss the progress of the project, uncover the potential challenges, identify priorities, define the scope of work, foster open communication and transparency to remain aligned with the evolving needs of clients and users.
  5. Development Plan: Once the design, features, and functionalities are approved, the developers begin programming the website’s and app’s front-end and back-end development. It incorporates a user interface, interactive elements, server-side functionality, databases, and other features.
  6. Testing Process: Our testing experts do rigorous analysis such as functional testing, usability testing, and compatibility testing to identify and resolve any bugs, errors, and variations. QA testing ensures websites or apps run flawlessly and rapidly across several devices and browsers.
  7. Deployment: The development team continuously monitors the website or app’s performance to find areas for improvement, minimize loading times, and answer any user input to improve the entire experience.
  8. Maintenance and Support: Our team ensures continuous support to deal with challenges that may arise after the launch. It also involves regular updates, security fixes, and technical assistance to keep the website or app up-to-date and secure.
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