WordPress Website Maintenance

Why Is It Important To Go For WordPress Website Maintenance?

Building an online business is not enough. You need to update the contents of the website as well as opt for regular maintenance services. A number of site owners choose to carry out website maintenance services occasionally and fail to do everything if the time does not permit them to do.  For such business owners as well as for those who wish to keep their sites updated, go for WordPress website maintenance services.

This way you are saved from looking into every detail of the site and the professionals like WordPress website maintenance in Edmonton will take care of everything to make sure the site performs better and is found on better rankings.

WordPress Website Maintenance

There are a few roles which they play or say carry out tasks to keep your website in a good condition and they are:

Keep the software updated

WordPress is software and so like any other themes or plugins, it needs to be updated for the purpose of patching security flaws, fix bugs, add in new features and improve performance. The update process does not go always as expected and if you fail to update your themes, plugins and WordPress, you will put things to risk.

By opting for a WordPress maintenance service, you get to take away all the stress from the process. You no more have to think about the complex tasks like what happens if the new ones are not compatible with the existing ones and vice versa. All the things are handled by the service.

Improve site performance

Are you aware of the fact that having large number of plugins on the page can slow it down? Are you aware of the page size and how loading takes place? Chances are there that you are able to understand that the performance of the site is not good but, you are not able to understand the issues. Chances are there that you may feel the issue lies on your content but, it may not be the case.

The maintenance service can carry out code optimization, compress image files, merge CSS files, install the needed plugins and reduce the number of broken links. This will lead to improved site performance. Just by improving the loading speed of the page you will be able to improve your rankings on the search results. WooCommerce shop maintenance in Edmonton has been working to improve eCommerce sites with better solutions.

Analytics analysis

The improvisation of WordPress site depends on Analytics. A WordPress maintenance service has the power to understand if something has gone wrong by analysing Analytics. For example, the bounce rate of a single page is more. It can be the issue with the layout or something may not be loading correctly. The service will help you find the issues and find a solution to overcome it.

Maintain a secure website

Even though WordPress comes with a number of built-in security features it is still not hack-proof. It is a fact that no website is completely secure but you can take up proper steps which can help to improve security and keep hackers at bay. No doubt this service takes a lot of time and yes, this is the major reason why people prefer to go for WordPress maintenance services.

Even if you have a small website with less number of visitors, hackers try to break in to use your server resources, using malicious redirect and sending spam. By choosing professional service, you will be able to make constant updates and scan the website for regular security issues.

Proper service will look for vulnerabilities, malware and viruses. They look for threats and try to make sure the website is secure as possible.

Perform and verify backups

Your website can end to be offline or corrupted because of a bad update, hacking or wrong theme installation. So the first thing that comes to mind during such a situation is that do we have a recent backup? When it comes to professional maintenance, taking regular backup is the foremost task. A number of businesses fail to understand it and with each and every hour of your website getting offline, you start to lose money.

By choosing a professional maintenance service, you will be able to have regular backups of your site and store them securely for such an unforeseen situation. With a current backup, you will be able to go online in no time.

Schedule regular maintenance

You carry out regular maintenance for your car, bike and your home. So, why not for your WordPress site? You know to take care of your business needs, so hire professional WordPress maintenance service provider to take care of your site.

Remove spammy comments

Any business will be able to bring in more traffic and build brand image for the business through the blog present on the WordPress site. The comments that come on the blog helps to spark healthy discussion as well as help to offer additional information of the topic. Unfortunately, comments have been used for spamming. This means that it is important to clear out those spammy comments before it affect the image of the business.

Remove unused plugins

There can be a number of plugins present in your WordPress site that you have never used or else you use no more. Keeping such plugins can confuse the users and cause problems. Moreover, removing those plugins will improve the speed of the site and its functionality too. Professional maintenance service will go through the site and look for plugins that are no more useful and eliminate them to make the site function smoothly.

Inspect and repair broken link

Sometimes, the users on your website end up on dead links which take you no further. This kind of links can tartar the reputation of the website and brings in havoc for the business. Such kind of dead links gives out a signal to the visitors that you don’t put in effort to take care of the website and you may do the same with customers.

So it is important to check the links regularly and see the navigation of your site works as expected. This will make sure the visitors have a better experience on your website.

Apart from user experience, dead links can badly affect your website rankings. If the search engine finds too many broken links on the website, it may feel that your website is not maintained properly and not suitable for users.


So if you are planning to take your business to the next level with a WordPress website, make sure you go for professional WordPress website maintenance services from the beginning. The money you spent on such services can be justifying rather than losing customers and experiencing low sales.