SEPA Payment Gateway with WooCommerce

SEPA is not working with Recurring payment ?

SEPA Payment gateway is working with WooCommerce and Stripe. SEPA takes 7-10 Days for payment conformation and Woocommerce can not change status when payment was received. You just need to follow this steps to Setup SEPA payment method with Woocommerce.

Add Stripe libarary on website

sepa directory

Create Webhook on Stripe Account.

create webhook on stripe account.

make .php file for Call Webhook when payment was Recurruing


you will get JSON data on .php file and then you change status manually with own code.

if you want any kind of help with SEPA and Woocommerce Customization than feel free to ask Contact. SEPA is working with recurring payment method with woocommerce and Stripe.