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Let’s start with a beautiful phrase that ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ similarly any effective website design is judged by the website users and not owners. We know that developing a website might be daunting for many but one may keep it updating and continuously improving the existing site can benefit your project a lot.

10+1 Signs that tells it’s time for website facelift

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When was the last time that you had a close look at your website? It is said that diamond shines forever but the same cannot be said for the website. Website should grow along with your business and if you take a look on your website for a long time, I am sure you’ll get to know what’s wrong with it and which entity you need to add in it. There should be something very eye catchy and fresh in your website to help your customers stay engaged and focused.

In today’s time company not only need just a website but a beautiful design, easy navigation website that meets your customer’s needs and your business alike. If you’re still confused in how to keep an eye on your site then have a look to 10+1 signs that shows when your website need to have facelift.

Magento development in Toronto

Magento development

The new e-commerce platform (Magento) is easy to operate and us offering high level flexibility to the customers. If you want a full secured as well as working online shop, you need to get in touch with the professional Magento developers. One of the best online store solution is the Magento web development especially for the e-commerce merchants and one can get it at very cheap prices. The websites of Magento are also customized to a great extent. So as to enhance the functionality of e-commerce websites, there are some extension of Magento are being developed. Although there are basically three type of extents i.e., modules, interfaces and themes. You can choose the best among the three so as to enhance the functionality of e-commerce websites but there should be not a small compromise in the standards.

SEPA Payment Gateway with WooCommerce


SEPA is not working with Recurring payment ?

SEPA Payment gateway is working with WooCommerce and Stripe. SEPA takes 7-10 Days for payment conformation and Woocommerce can not change status when payment was received. You just need to follow this steps to Setup SEPA payment method with Woocommerce.

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