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Magento Development

Why Magento Development Is Perfect For Ecommerce Development?

Magento is one of the open source framework that is widely used for e-commerce Store development. The integrated highly customizable features in the framework make it widely popular.

Magento is widely admired for building e-commerce sites making it rich with features for its high flexibility and amazing control over content, catalog, functionality and user experience.

Magento Development

Why to Choose Magento Platform?

  • With its easy user interface and comfortable features, managing ecommerce site on regular basis is easier.
  • The URLs developed for the ecommerce sites on Magento are Search engine friendly which indeed is beneficial for the ecommerce site by increasing the page rank on SERP.
  • Magento gets easily integrated with oLark, MailChimp, and other third party software with the powerful and flexible API.
  • Magento offers complete control over the front-end and back-end of the site.
  • Magento does have high support of community from users, developers as well as service providers which extremely is useful for the new users.

How Extensions Of Magento Are Helpful In Development And Customization?

Magento offers a wide range of extensions and functionalities. The extensions of Magento are conceptualized as well as developed for fulfilling the needs of online shoppers. Magento being SEO driven it is helpful for the ecommerce sites to gain high search rankings.

Magento does also offer gift certificates to the customers. Basing on different geographical locations, Magento offers global services. It generates detailed reporting and analytics details of the e-commerce site performance. It successfully integrates business driven specific functionalities that are widely based on the on-going trends.

Magento as The Best Ecommerce Store Development Framework

With several of integrated features, plugins and modules, developing e-commerce store on Magento, the traders can witness new heights of user engagement ensuring navigation, conversion rates as well as overall revenue generation. It does integrate incredible business user tools that speed up the building process of e-commerce sites.

Payment Gateway Integration of Magento

Magento supports different payment gateways like PayPal,, Google Checkout, Payleap, etc. Magento payment transaction is safe and secured offering high flexibility to the consumers or users.

Magento Security Secures the Ecommerce Sites

As ecommerce sites are targeted by the hackers for collecting personal and payment information, the ecommerce sites need to be built on safe and secured platforms. Magento is encrypted to be safe and secured. An Updated Magento e-commerce site is prevented from any breach.

Magento Maintenance Is Very Convenient

With the excellent features, e-commerce sites developed on Magento are easy to maintain. Along with adjusting the store settings and other manipulations, Magento modules include a wide range of logic for executing the required actions and functions. Magento offers a complete package of solutions for the ecommerce sites.

Eminent Coders – The Leading Magento Development Company

Eminent Coders is one of the leading web development company that offers complete web development solutions and services. Magento Development services at Eminent Coders are distinguished in market for its unique, scalable and functional features integrated within the e-commerce site. We ensure to deliver Magento development services with best profitable features.

Why to Consult Us for Magento Development?

  • We are proficient in offering Magento Theme Integration along with Magento module development services.
  • We have extremely talented and certified Magento developers who offer complete packaged Magento Development Solutions.
  • We utilize the integrated features, plugins and modules of Magento to offer unique Magento development solutions.
  • Integrating ease access and easy-to-navigate feature with the developed Magento e-commerce site, we ensure to scale up the business strategy.
  • We develop the ecommerce sites with high perfection integrating the personal preferences of the clients and business needs.
  • We are well versed with the integrated features, plugins and modules of Magento.
  • We deliver cost-efficient Magento development services and within the stipulated time frame.


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